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Cultivating Corporate Fusion

Flux is a niche firm focused on building management and workforce competencies to improve overall organizational health. Using objective analysis and diagnostics, Flux identifies roadblocks, bridges gaps, and creates corporate fusion to ensure internal optimization and successful stakeholder relations.

Based in Southern New Brunswick, Flux was founded by consultant and former executive Roni-Sue Moran, whose undying commitment to developing great leaders and business strategies is rooted in an extensive career in industry, government, and people relations.

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About the Founder

With a diversified management career spanning more than 20 years, owner Roni-Sue Moran has advised organizations of all sizes in the public and private sector, including government and Indigenous entities. Always improving her skillset, Roni-Sue has specialized training in management development, stakeholder engagement, negotiations, conflict resolution and more. She is an active MBA candidate with the University of Fredericton, and recently completed the Negotiations and Leadership Program through Harvard University.

Invited to be a panel member on Alberta’s Climate Change Initiative for Energy Efficiency during her role as Director, Industry Relations Corporation, Fort McMurray #468 First Nation


Holds certificates in continuing education including Interest Based Negotiations, Trinity Management, Influencing Change, Stakeholder Relations, Industry Relations, and Labour Relations


Worked as Chief of Corporate Services for Federal Fisheries and Oceans for 15 years


What are you Thinking?

General managing, strategic planning, relationship building and process improvement,,, I find myself thinking, not only of what is “being done” nor why “it is being done this way”, but WHAT are people thinking while doing this? Everyone has a different reality. They have felt and experienced different things. I believe one of my strengths as […]

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