The Internal Interpreter

Often organizations will spend a tremendous amount of resources both human and financial, in developing much needed Strategic Plans. Especially when trying to revitalize their organization and keeping it current with growth, external change, technology, marketing and managing strategies.

But… often these HIGH level plans get shelfed though created with good intentions. Have you seen this happen? I have seen it happen over and again, not just in different professional settings but within the same organization. Many professionals would agree, the trend of change can often be seen as cyclical and predictable. That is not change but indeed habitual failure.

Whether you are in a large or small organization, it is essential that we don’t exhaust our employees with so called “change” that does not bring forth growth and encouragement. Change can be scary but can also be inspiring if it brings growth and positive impacts.

How do you start operationalizing a high level plan? Well, there are many great managers with varying strategies but let’s talk about communication. All employees play a role in leadership and that relationship with employees is so critical. Senior leadership roles require that we are interpreters of high level plans and use our Interpersonal Skills to translate the value in each department with deliverables. Without this ability to bridge relational understanding, influencing change may not be a positive and progressive manner presenting delays and road blocks.

Leaders need to take the time, meet with their direct reports, ask many questions as to what it means to them, what that means to their employees and their ability to deliver their tasks effectively. What can we do to create tools to help them achieve these and set up timelines for discussion and feedback? Tools such as translating high level objectives to tangible deliverables. A Management Life Coach for you team can help! A professional can coach your managers, build their relational competencies and bridge your strategic plans. These strategic tools set the stage for successes of both manager and employee to be effective with real outcomes and to delight in the process.

As a leader, you need to be an interpreter. If a leader cannot help their reports see how this strategic plan relates to their daily activity, we have failed.

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